Syscon offers an array of modules in LSS

Tank Operators

The software provides fully web‐based distributor chain management solution, which provides seamless integration of all the entities of your enterprise viz. Supplier, Plant, Warehouse, Logistics & distribution etc

Port Agents

Employee Management is the core module of the system as it connects all modules into one single interface. Its user friendly search criteria and rich user interface allows HR users to perform multiple types of operations using minimal navigations..

Freight Forwarding

The system deals with managing and tracking of the container inventory within the yard.It brings visibility into inbound and outbound container movements per day.It helps Shipping Lines to manage their inventory by FIFO method based on the daily reports.

Customs Broking

This software is designed to ease work flow of Custom Broker and the module has following forms..

LCL Consolidation

  • Complete Export and Import documentation process
  • Issuance of B/L and DO from the system
  • Container tracking and inventory management
  • Business Logistics management for Marketing and customer service

Airline Agency

The software provides information to various people or stakeholders and used for measuring the level of effort required to complete the project.It gives overview in particular, how actual and planned performance is related.


This tool offers a comprehensive service for BI Solution design, development & implementation..


There is no formula in existence to deal with this type of challenge.MaxPack uses proprietary methods, “algorithms”, which are procedural steps combined with trials, sometimes millions, to find a optimized fit.Some call it artificial intelligence.


  • Activity or Workflow Planner :
  • Document Management System :
  • Communication Module :
  • Correspondence Module :