Transport Management Erp Software


Transport Management System

Transportation management Software is designed to successfully control fleet in different ways ‐ Active and Inactive Vehicles. The system has alerts including for insurances, which will popup whenever a date has expired or is about to expire.

The system allows to store photos and other documents pertaining to the vehicle along with information about the owners of the vehicles, and all drivers' information including their photographs, the vehicle and the shift.

The system has Daily Movement module and it is integrated with the reports concerning accounting, costs and maintenance.

Transportation – Key Features

  • Fleet/Vehicle Master & Management
  • Daily Movement Module
  • Dispatching, Jobs Details
  • Fuel Efficiency Calculations
  • Spares like Tires, Wheels and other Inventory for Repairs and Maintenance
  • Accidents / Insurance / Claims Module
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Vehicle Accounting
  • Drivers and Helpers Details

Transportation – Reports

  • Vehicles Report
  • Vehicles' shifts Report
  • Drivers Report
  • Daily Movement Report
  • Maintenance and cost Reports
  • Costs not included in Maintenance Report
  • Driver’s Expenses Report
  • Vehicle Idle Report
  • Mileage Report
  • Accident Report
  • Insurance and Claim Settlement Report
  • Spares and Inventory Report